Endorsements & Strategic Partnerships 

  • Procure and negotiate strategic brand partnerships to boost awareness (paid or editorial).

  • Procure and negotiate targeted brand deals through sponsored content on social media platforms, product integrations, and co-branded collaborations.

Influencer Partnerships

  • Identify, negotiate with, and oversee influencer partnerships on behalf of brand clients.

  • Lead campaigns with relevant influencers who can amplify brand's messaging and product portfolio through long-term relationships or seasonal activations.

Content Strategy, Production & Distribution

  • Produce content from idea through production. Distribute and ensure synchronization amongst all content channels.

  • Produce customized editorial calendars. Use analytics to target brand's audiences in order to optimize content performance.

Email Marketing

  • Develop performance-driven communications and promotions featured on email, social media and website.

  • Execute engaging content and promotions to develop breakthrough creative.

  • Optimize email campaign messaging and targeting through frequent testing and data analysis, documenting the results and sharing best practices.